Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Florida Fourth Grader Gives Speech About 'Real BBQ'

Sloan Finger gives speech about real BBQ

A Florida fourth grader is passionate about his BBQ. So passionate, he can talk about real BBQ all day.

That's the case for ten year old Sloan Finger, a Florida fourth grader who entered the 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Contest in Tallahassee. The subject of the speech was something he is passionate about - barbecue.

Sloan Finger with 3rd place plaque for 4-H Speech Contest in Florida speech about real BBQAccording to Sloan, "real barbecue is elusive". He went on to cite the definition of barbecue from Definition.com and added to it, stating many people mistake offset smokers for grills. He also spent some time talking about what is not barbecue.

"People believe that by simply adding barbecue sauce to the top of a meat, it makes it barbecue". He lamented that "slow and low" was the only true way to cook barbecue.

Congratulations Sloan on your third place finish. We look forward to your ideas and recipes! We agree with you; real BBQ is cooked slow and low.

Sloan went on to take third place in the competition. He went on to say he loves sweet tea, ribs, and white bread; and loves to eat at Dreamland.

Congratulations Sloan and keep on smoking!

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