Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smoked Pork BBQ

Today is a beautiful day to BBQ. I've rubbed down butts with McCormick's BBQ rub. They really make some great rubs for grilling and smoking. I've also lightly dusted the pork with brown sugar, to help establish a bark that will be sweet and hot. I'm estimating that the pork will be ready to pull by 4 pm, however, always go by temp, not time. My goal is 195 degrees. The pork will be edible at 165 for slicing, but I'm looking for fall apart style BBQ.

I'll post more when it happens. Right now I just have a thin blue wisp of smoke emanating from my Brinkmann and everything is lookin fine.

I have to apologize. I have had a severe sinus cold for the last two days and this evening it is really kicking in strong. I feel miserable. I forgot to take pictures, I forgot all about finishing up this blog. I apologize. Nyquil and 10 hours of sleep has been prescribed.