Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grilled Asparagus Spears with bacon

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I certainly did. Santa brought me an awesome blogging tool, a new 12 Mega pixel camera with awesome zooming. From here on out, all pictures will be taken with the new camera for better quality.

I didn't do much cooking outdoors over the Holidays, which would kind of explain my absence. Something that I did for Christmas was grilled asparagus. I have to admit, I am NOT a fan of asparagus. It is a very fibrous vegetable which can sometimes seem like you are chewing on a thick stalk of weeds. However, if you prepare and cook it right, it can become your new best friend. And with this preparation, who doesn't like bacon? (You can use turkey bacon in case your Doc would not approve of this)

The trick to great grilled asparagus is freshness. When purchasing your asparagus spears, buy them no more then 24 hours in advance of grilling. Carefully check the base of the stalks and avoid discolorations or open buds at the top. Those are signs that the asparagus is not fresh. About an hour before grill time, tap the bottom of the stalks on your cutting board and cut about 1/2" off. Then soak the spears in a bowl of cold water, while standing up. This is easy if you leave the big rubber band they come bundled in on. Soak for about 30 minutes then remove.

Take one pound of a good quality bacon and slice the entire package in half, cross cut. Now take each piece of bacon and twist wrap it around the stalks from bottom to top, tightly. If you are careful, you can avoid tooth picks, however if you klutz around like me, use tooth pics to secure bacon at end of wrap. This will prevent accidental unwrapping while grilling. Click on the picture above for the full sized detailed shot. You'll notice I did not use tooth picks. A few pieces came unwrapped while turning over on the grill. Once the bacon crisps, you are alright. Grill over medium high heat. You may want to keep the lid and a water sprayer nearby, as the bacon fat will flare up briefly. Grill until bacon is well done and crispy.

This will become a favorite on your dinner table. You'll be surprised at how good these come out. Again I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday. Tomorrow, I'll share with you caramelized sweet potatoes on the grill and later in the week, we'll be making a bean soup with smoked ham bone and later we'll be smoking some hawg for slicin and pullin. Please come back and check it out.


Donna-FFW said...

Sounds like a most delicious way to grill asparagus, one of my favorite veggies!!

Happy New Year to you!

Bob said...

Sounds like a good time to me! Course, I like asparagus. Heh.