Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Party

ast night our neighborhood held it's annual Christmas party and ornament swap. It was a blast. What we do is ask every family to bring a desert or a dish and one gift bagged brand new tree ornament for each child or adult that wishes to play our ornament swap game. I'll explain how it works in just a moment.

First I wanted to share with my readers, I awoke at 8 am with smoking on my mind. I had 3 racks of pork spare ribs that I needed to trim and rub and get ready for my smoker. The temperature outside was a very comfortable low to mid 60's and there was little to no rain/mist. The forecast had called for an 80% chance of rain all day. Knowing that, I wanted an 8 hour window to smoke the ribs, in case something went wrong.

I trimmed the ribs to a St Louis perfection. If you have never done it before, here is a quick video from Youtube that demonstrates it.

I also tried a new rub from McCormick Grillmates called Barbecue. It has some wonderful ingredients in it and from now til December 31st, there is an instant savings of $3 at BJ's Wholesale club, bringing the price to $5.95, plus an additional BJ's coupon for any McCormick spice at $1.75 off, bringing my cost for a restaurant sized spice to $4.25. I bought 5 of them!. On the web they are $12.95.

After rubbing the ribs, I place them bone sized up and packed on some brown sugar and let that begin to melt in before sprinkling some rub on them again. I smoked them for 7.5 hours at an average of 220 degrees with hickory wood. I hope you enjoy the pictures. As always, click on a small picture for the full sized version.

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