Sunday, November 29, 2009

Outdoor Cooking Guild

want to thank Curt and the great group of writers for accepting me into the Outdoor Cooking Guild. The Outdoor Cooking Guild is a group of bloggers that concentrate on outdoor cooking in many forms, whether grilling, barbecuing, Cuban pig roasts, outdoor bread ovens or dutch oven campfire cooking. Please take a moment to visit the OCG home page by clicking on the OCG badge on my right nav bar.You can read about the group and visit other member's blogs!

From time to time we have a challenge and will showcase our different methods and techniques to answer up to the challenge. Whether it be by grilling, smoking, cooking over an open fire in a dutch oven, you name it. Before I became a member, the last challenge was apples and there were some wonderful results. Seeing the different ways apples were cooked on the grill or smoker as part of a dish or a desert inspired me to start this blog and share some of the fun I have while cooking outdoors.

Whether you have a gas or charcoal grill, a hibachi, a smoker or a fire pit, you can benefit by subscribing to my blog for tips, tricks and techniques. If you are a master griller, you can certainly participate as well, feel free to send me any tips or techniques you use that you feel are beneficial and I'll feature them here and offer you credit.

I also want to take this time to encourage the readers to send in any questions they may have, or to please comment on my articles as I blog and share. Any critiques, suggestions or any comment of any kind are welcome and encouraged. To contact me, simply click on my signature below or email me manually @

Thanks for reading and until next time - Keep Smokin!