Monday, October 19, 2009

Win a GALLON of POM Wonderful!!

Win a GALLON of POM Wonderful!!
Contest Announcement!!

The great people at POM are providing an opportunity to try their wonderful product free. They make fruit juice elixirs that are high in anti-oxidants. What does this have to do with food? POM can be a great way to add flavor to sauces, marinades, mixed drinks and more while being good for you. To check out their website, visit HERE
The contest is open to food bloggers and you can get more details and contest rules by visiting a great grilling blog run by a wonderful guy HERE.

I went grocery shopping today today with 2 projects in mind. This weekend I am going to make a pot of home made baked beans, from scratch. We will not be opening any canned beans and doctoring them up. I'm debating whether or not to include a recipe with specific measurements. Maybe if I receive enough requests....  I may have to have you all sign non disclosure agreements. These beans are that good.

My other project is to smoke a fatty. Thats a 16 oz tube of ground sausage. We are going to stuff the fatty with iron skillet taters, onions, peppers, salsa and cheese. I'm going to show you a neat way to stuff the sausage roll with little fuss. A great trick I picked up from Cowgirl.

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Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

i can't wait to see your beans and your sausage!