Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I received my local grocery store ads in the mail today. Winn-Dixie and Food Lion both have pork on sale. Food Lion wins though when it comes to Boston Butt at $0.99 a lb. I have been wanting to get some pulled pork ready for several recipes I want to blog about, including my shredded pork chili and grilled tamales.

Apples are on sale as well, so I think I'll be writing about how to use a Weber grill as a convection oven and we'll bake some apple dumplings and top with whipped cream and a caramel sauce. You can make the apple dumplings on just about any type of grill as long as it's roomy enough for indirect cooking. I'll show you a great tool to use to make coring and slicing easier, with leaving the apple intact at the bottom for easy handling.
I have several projects planned, so tune in now and then and check on my progress. I'll be blogging as I go on the shoulders, which I am estimating will be a 9-12 hour smoke session. I promise lots of pics along the way. I'm hoping the weather will hold up and cooperate. We are having a small neighborhood get together for Halloween and I think some pulled pork will make it's way over to it in one shape or another. Maybe in a bean dip? Who knows, I am open for ideas and feedback. Please leave a comment, anonymous comments welcome as well.

Until next time, keep Smokin...

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