Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grand Opening!

Hi and welcome to my blog. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I will be blogging about grilling, bbq, smoking tips and the many gadgets that tempt our wallets while promising to make our outdoor cooking experience better. Rest assured that any reviews that you read here are strictly my opinion. I will be fair and honest in my reviews of products or techniques.

The blog will be updated regularly, however most of the postings will take place on the weekends as I cook outdoors. Follow along with me as we grill or smoke some great BBQ. I promise to share tips, recipes, photos, etc. I also strongly encourage comments that are constructive and add to the blog posts. I will review products and cover techniques to outdoor cooking throught the week, as time and finances allow.

You'll see that I refer to grilling, smoking, etc as "outdoor cooking". There are many techniques that I'll cover that can be done on a conventional grill, however I will also be writing about techniques and recipes for smoking meat. Smoking meat is kind of like grilling, only the heat is indirect and wood is used instead of or along with charcoal. Smoking meat at 225-250 degrees is a slow process that allows the flavor of the smoke to penetrate the meat. With a good smoker and a bit of practice, you'll never go to one of those BBQ chains again.

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