Thursday, October 22, 2009

As the Seasons Change...

The weekend is coming up and I am excited about making a large pot of BBQ beans from scratch. I have always been a big fan of Bush beans, but with the price now close to $3 for a single can, I decided it's time to see what I can do. With winter coming, there is nothing better then a bowl of piping hot beans to ward off the cold.

I purchased the ingredients the other day and let me tell you, the price on pure maple syrup was a shocker. I had to keep telling myself the bottle would last for 3 batches and when the cost is broken down that way, it wasn't so bad. Nevertheless, I sure would love having a maple tree in my yard. Wouldn't that be great to have pieces of maple wood for smoke flavor from time to time and the delicious syrup from within it's enormous trunk?

I want to share a resource with you that I have used for almost 3 years now. Whether you are new to outdoor cooking or a seasoned veteran, you'll love the wealth of information provided over at Jeff's site. He offers a free 5 day eCourse on getting started with smoking meats and hosts a fabulous message board that we call the Smoking Meat forums. Come check it out Here.

Keep on smokin!

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